Free from addictions, free from restrictions, free from dark and hopeless dispositions

Free from rejection, free from abjection, free from the idea that I’ll reach perfection

Free from the mundane, free from the profane, and free from the things that cause me much pain

Free from the noise and anything that destroys

Free from all critics that want to silence my voice

Free to fly high

Free to ask why

Free to change when my life goes awry

Free like a dove that flies up above

Like an unbroken heart that feels free to love

Free from what’s whack

To live without lack

As I dwell on this earth let me free to be black



Tears keep falling in my dreams, don’t really know what it means. Internal strife has waged a war, yet I fight to find freedom’s open door. What once was is no longer the same, this game of life has caused me to change. Made me stronger, wiser, and deeper at times. But I must admit that sometimes I’m still blind. Sometimes I refuse to tell the truth, sometimes I act much like a fool. Sometimes I try to play it cool, because deep inside sometimes I fear that this game I might lose. Was afraid to make mistakes trying to achieve perfection. Now I look back on these times they have helped me gain so much direction. It’s amazing what some see from the things others tend to say. They failed to get to know my heart so their thoughts are so misplaced. The darkest times in my life will give rise to the brightest light. As long as God gives me strength I will never give up the fight. Not diminished but so much greater got scars and bruises from my falls. A life of purpose I will live and I will live it standing tall.

Cling To My Dreams

Trying to figure out what it all means. The pain and disappointments want to drown out my belief. Belief that things will get better for you and me. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting very hard to see. My insecurities and inadequacies want me to break up with my dreams. From these very thoughts it’s my desire to be free. Somehow deep inside I find the strength to hold on. And somehow at my weakest points I find myself getting strong. So I’ll cling to my dreams until the breath in me fades. Keep depending on hope to have the final say. -TONIO

Never Give Up

“I’ll never give up, I’ll keep going strong. I am fighter, I’ll fight till I’m gone. Straight to the top, I won’t stop, can’t waste no time looking back. Been down on my luck, even felt I should die. Picked myself up, wipe the tears from my eyes. So much to prove, I can’t lose, won’t let a thing hold me back” – Tonio

Reality TV and Social Media(please share your thoughts)

When it comes to reality tv or social media why do we as a society seemed to be so thrilled or entertained by other’s lives. (Especially when they are at their worst.) Is this really entertainment for us or is a way for us to purposely take our focus off what should be more important: OUR OWN LIVES AND OUR OWN BUSINESS!! It just seems like it would be mighty difficult to handle my own life if I’m spending an enormous amount of time watching other’s. What are your thoughts on this?

Trust The Process

With every disappointment we have to face, with every plan that will be delayed. With every failure and success, we must learn to trust the process. For in the process we will grow, and the strength of God we’ll come to know. Love for self can be increased, if decaying thoughts are released. Love for mankind can become deep and wide, if we erase our judgement and check our pride. Grace will shield and protect us from harm, hope will walk with us give peace during our storms. As we walk our path’s never settle for less. There’s so much to gain if we just trust the process!